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Caribbean Stud Poker:

The players in this game don't bet against each other but against the dealer and usually carries a hefty progressive kicker. This game was invented in America and it's played in both online and land based casinos.

Once you place your Ante bet, both you and the dealer each get 5 cards dealt. The dealer's first card is shown and you will see all 5 of your cards. If you have a pair or higher, it's a good probability you will beat the dealer's hand. If you don't think you're hand will beat the dealer's, you will surrender and the so will the dealer, who will take your Ante bet.

If you think your hand will beat the dealers, you will then call your bet which will increase your stake by an amount equal to twice your Ante. If you lose that bet, you lose 3x your bet and if you win, you will win 3x your bet if the dealer qualifies. If the dealer doesn't qualify, then you win 2x your bet. The higher value of the hand, the more you will get paid. If you place a side bet for the progressive, which is usually one dollar, and you get a royal flush, you win that progressive so long as the dealer has a qualifying hand. The dealer's hand qualifies with an Ace/King or higher. Your bankroll could be depleted or increased at anytime very quickly and is a fast moving game.

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