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New Poker Room
Cryptologic Upgrades Poker Platform

New Poker room – Card Crusade:

A new poker room has popped up yet again on the internet called Card Crusade. They are probably the only poker room offering a free $5 no deposit bonus. Most poker rooms offer you free money after you have placed a certain number of raked hands. In order to withdrawal funds, you must deposit and play the bonus through the required number of times. Taken from the rules on the site:

Until you make deposit or subscribe at CardCrusade you will not be able to withdraw any of your balance.
Once you deposit or subscribe, all money won at the cash tables can be withdrawn immediately. For these reasons, we recommend that you deposit or subscribe BEFORE playing.
Any money won prior to deposit or subscription will need to be cleared for withdrawal.

The site has a very professional look to it and has a medieval touch. They boast that they are a rake free poker room and many players seem to be quite happy about that. Many are not happy, however, that they need to deposit in order to get their so-called free money. The free rolls are not entirely free, because of this reason but management prefers this to the rake method and says their players believe this is fair. They are having problems in the free rolls with "away" players also known as sitters and this can be frustrating when trying to play.

There is also a subscription fee to play at this site which is very unusual so in essence, you're paying for a rake free experience. Here is the table:
Militiaman - $0/month for Flat Pot Fees, 75-95%+ discount to raked sites
Infantry - $15/month for Rake Free Ring Games
Archer - $15/month for Free Tournament entries
Cavalry - $25/month for Rake Free Ring Games and Tournaments

This is an entirely different kind of poker room and to see what it's all about, you need to try it.

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